Activator Plus - Bag AgraSphereâ„¢ Compost Plus
Activator Plus - Bag
Our Price: $197.98
Our Price: $345.84
Compost Plus
Our Price: $135.40
Waste System & Lagoon Treatment

Treat Deep Pits and Lagoons...Naturally

Bioverse products provide a cost effective, dependable way to treat waste systems. Our products use naturally occuring, beneficial bacteria to reduce sludge build-up and prevent crusting. The AGRA SPHERE is disturbed into the waste system using a patented dispensing system, which allows bacteria and enzymes to be released 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In contrast, ACTIVATOR PLUS provides a fast acting release of bacteria that starts working instantly on the unwanted crust layer. The enzymes used in both products rapidly break down organic waste in the sludge layer, allowing further consumption by the bacteria to provide a crust free system for easy pump out and distribution.

Reducing Crusting and Solids in Pits and Waste Systems is Crucial for Maximizing Storage Capacity and Maintaining Proper Performance

Benefits of Bioverse’s Agricultural Products

  • Reduces sludge build-up, prevents crusting and liquefies waste to improve performance
  • Effectively reduce foaming
  • Treats where treatment is needed, at the bottom
  • Improves manure nutrient value for added crop benefits
  • Patented delivery system with 24/7 release technology
  • Reduces flies and odors
  • Easy to use
  • Safe, natural & 100% biodegradable
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