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Compost Plus Activator Plus - Bag AgraSphereâ„¢
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Compost Plus Activator Plus - Bag AgraSphereâ„¢

COMPOST PLUS is highly effective at establishing composting remediation of organic waste as well as accelerating the rate of decomposition.

ACTIVATOR PLUS is a microbial formulation for the inculation, activation, and maintenance of agricultural waste storage systems. ACTIVATOR PLUS contains specifically selected microbial organism that inoculate, activate and enhance the break down of suspended organic solids found in nutrient rich retention waste and sludge.

The AgraSphere has a patented time-released technology that provides 24/7 continuous activation while being eco-friendly in our biodegradable sphere. No measuring or mixing needed with this product, just toss the sphere(s) into the unit and forget about it until the next treatment!